5 reasons to watch Lisa Macuja-Elizalde’s ‘Snow White’

5 reasons to watch Lisa Macuja-Elizalde’s ‘Snow White’

One of the world’s most loved fairytales became the second installment in Ballet Manila artistic director Lisa Macuja-Elizalde’s Princess Trilogy of choreographies in 2017. Snow White will return to the stage as the initial offering of BM’s 24th season, On Pointe, to captivate audiences once more.

Here are five reasons why Snow White is a must-see!

1.      A favorite princess

Snow White has been enchanting the world since the story was first published by the Grimm Brothers in 1812. The sweet princess with “skin as white as snow, lips as red as blood, and hair as black as ebony” has inspired art, theater, film and fashion—and even ballet—with her legendary beauty. For this restaging of Ballet Manila’s Snow White, principal dancer Joan Emery Sia will return in the title role, with company artists Shaira Comeros and Akari Ida as alternates.

The three Snow Whites: (top left) company artist Shaira Comeros, (bottom left) company artist Akari Ida; (right) principal dancer Joan Emery Sia. Photos by Jimmy Villanueva, Erickson Dela Cruz, and Jojit Lorenzo

2.      A most hated villain

The Evil Queen and her mirror are the stuff that magical nightmares are made of. Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all, she would ask. And when the reply is anyone but her, envy will take its hold on her and wrath is certain to follow. Principal dancer Abigail Oliveiro is returning as the beautiful yet terrifying Evil Queen with company artist Emma Zoe Harris as her eerie reflection in the magic mirror. The opening scene – dubbed as “The Queen’s Facial” – is a stunning dance sequence that sets the stage for the fairytale to unfold.

3.      A most romantic prince

Every beautiful princess deserves an equally handsome and charming prince. Snow White is no exception. In this adaptation, the prince is a playmate of Snow White in childhood, and it is he who eventually bestows the kiss that frees the princess from a deadly curse. Principal dancers Elpidio Magat Jr. and Romeo Peralta Jr. are partnering Joan Emery Sia and Sharia Comeros, respectively, in a role that both danseurs performed in 2017. Partnering Akari Ida is soloist Joshua Enciso who will be dancing the role for the first time.

The three Princes: principal dancers Elpidio Magat Jr. and Romeo Peralta Jr., and soloist Joshua Enciso. Photos by Ocs Alvarez and Giselle P. Kasilag

4.      The antics of the seven dwarfs

They’re kind, wise, funny and sometimes a bit sleepy. Each of the seven dwarfs has his own special charm. Their light-hearted disposition and, in this ballet, their fancy feet make it easy for these beloved characters to whistle and dance their way to work at the mines.

5.      A choreography by a prima ballerina

As one who has danced practically every princess role ever made for ballet, prima ballerina Lisa Macuja-Elizalde offers a visual feast in bringing to life her own vision of Snow White. The choreography is rich with classical techniques, making it a challenging role even for the most seasoned dancers.

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