5 reasons to watch Ballet Manila’s ‘Giselle’

5 reasons to watch Ballet Manila’s ‘Giselle’

1.    Tragic love story

 This ballet classic has all the ingredients of a Filipino drama. Love, betrayal, death, forgiveness and redemption are all wrapped up in one intense package that holds the audience in its grip, with Albrecht and Giselle as the couple caught in an ill-fated relationship.

Osias Barroso and Lisa Macuja-Elizalde as Albrecht and Giselle in the classic staged by Ballet Manila in 1997. Photo by Ocs Alvarez

2.    Famous pas de deux

Talented artists get to shine in the Peasant Pas de Deux, a highlight of Act 1, as they take on the challenge of executing stamina-testing variations that celebrate the best in classical dancing.

The Peasant Pas de Deux was a competition piece for Nicole Barroso and Joshua Enciso when they participated in the USA International Ballet Competition in 2018. Photo by Giselle P. Kasilag

3.    Major breakdown scene

The ballet delivers a big moment when Giselle unravels after learning of Albrecht’s betrayal. The “Mad Scene” showcases the depth of her emotions, from despair to agony, ultimately leading to her passing in her lover’s arms.

Joan Emery Sia as Giselle descends into madness upon learning of Albrecht’s deception. Photo by Ocs Alvarez

4.    Dance of the brokenhearted 

The Wilis – the spirits of young women who die before their wedding – provide a hauntingly beautiful element. They are brought to eerie life by a corps of ballerinas who, in their flowing white tutus, move in perfect sync.

Bringing to life the Wilis, Ballet Manila’s corps de ballet moves as one in this 2012 performance of Giselle. Photo by Jojo Mamangun

5.    Vengeful queen

Myrtha, Queen of the Wilis, is as wicked as villains come. She can strike fear with just one piercing stare, and as she commands her willowy troop to exact revenge on erring men by making them dance to their deaths.

In her farewell performance of Giselle in 2012, Lisa Macuja-Elizalde (left) begs Myrtha (Se Hee Hong) for mercy on Albrecht’s behalf. Photo by Jojo Mamangun

Giselle will be on stage for one night on October 17, Thursday at 8 p.m., at the CCP Main Theater. For tickets, email info@balletmanila.com.ph or call 0918 807 7148.

Ballet Manila's 'Giselle' through the years

Ballet Manila's 'Giselle' through the years

For Ballet Manila, the show will go on – thanks to the overwhelming support of family and friends

For Ballet Manila, the show will go on – thanks to the overwhelming support of family and friends